Campaigns 2017

For this new year 2017, we still have a lot to do… you can help us by donate to one or more of the 2017 campaigns.

  1. Insurances 2017

    Insurance is needed because we have now 6 horses, wich is the amount you need to become legal, visible for the goverment and insured. Also if sponsors, donators, people, friends, horselover want to come over or ride we are insured for everything. An insurance per horse is 50€. So for 6 horses we come on 300€ for 2017
    450 € donated of 300 € goal
  2. Give them a passport

    We rescue horses from bad situations, which means that most of the time they are not chipped and unidentified. Wich means they are illegal and not visible for the goverment to keep an eye on the population for example. They can not be insured without a chip or passport and somebody could even steal them!! Black-Jack, Forrest and Kiko still need a chip and a passport. This would be the perfect Christmas present for them!!
    140 € donated of 240 € goal