The Fight is not over!

Please help! Read this pleaseHey Sweeties! First of all, thanks to everyone who helped so far!! Amazing!! They are safe now in Rancho Fino… But that does not mean the crowdfund is over. Because the battle to get them healty is full on!! The hoofs are cutted in the meantime, Sevillano (the white horse) is cripple and needs everyday care and needs rubber shoes to wear, soaking special food for them every day to get digestive going again in a safe and responsible way. He needs dental care because all went wild, spikey and painfull inside his mouth, eating an carrot takes him 5 minutes…. Also this behind is full of tumors and the tail is in a bad state. Pleas please keep on helping me in this battle!! The pony (Petit Suisse) also has his little mini-hoofs done, is galloping around now he can finally walk normal and being relieved of that mega long and painful hoofs. Lluna (the dog) is treated several times agains all the paracites (flees, lice, flies) that where eating her litterly alive!! She had to be washed 4 times to get rid a bit of the horrible smell. Is deworming, Eats loads of food and needs steralisation…. Please keep on hitting that donate button… It is not over yet! They deserve it so badly!!