Sometimes angels cross your path…

Sometimes angels cross your path… A little time ago i received an e-mail of a couple who had seen an neclected horse in bad shape near/ down the highway… I went with them to see what was going on and found a horse, pony and dog. These poor souls needed help. I was back on mission and after some time i took the animals away. The lovely couple was super supportive and we where in contact during the proces. They came to visit my place and saw that not only the animals needed helping. They saw my chaos and my own neclect. They decided to help me on my mission! How i am forever thankfull to Marc Kerres and Magdalena Pink for caring! First for the animals and second for me. Like a warm bath i spended the days they where here! Washing Lluna, mixing horsefood by own recepy, care for my cats and kittens, sponsored dog food wich made me burst in to tears! Hanging sheets up wich they bought, to make more shade, Magdalena sorted mess in my house and brought products for me like medicine, shower and beauty stuff. Marc in the meantime was building a huge pig-house together witch is the most cool house to be, ever! Thank you guys so, so much!! Amazing how paths can cross and you can point your noses in the same direction! (Yes dutch saying again). Please be back in the future!

Love, Stacey and all animals ❤️

Here some pictures of their stay here!