Please help!


Got tipped about a horse in bad state near the highway outside Palma.

I met up with the couple who saw the horse standing tied up in the sun being skinny and dirty. They brought me to the place and i went into the property. I found a white horse there which was not looked after at all. Also after checking this place out more i found a pony locked up in a little concrete room full of shit and unable te watch outside. Sad situation. My heart broke and they to go away there as soon as possible!! Before i left i felt like checking one more time and then i found a dog locked up and chained in a barricadated concrete room without water, food, sitting in a big layer of fieces for a long time, covered in wounds and eaten alive by paracites, flees and lice. So… I reaaally need your help guys! I will put up a crowdfund action so i can get them away there. Please please donate!